1 The Chocolate Touch

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The Chocolate Touch

Written by Patrick Skene

Illustrated by Margot Apple

Reviewed by Violet B. (age 8)

The Chocolate Touch

The Chocolate Touch is about a boy named John Midas. He LOVES chocolate and hates a lot of other food. He finds a coin on the street with his initials on it. Of course John spends it on chocolate. But when John eats the chocolate something happens that is weird. Almost everything changes for John. At first he is excited about all of this but later a bit of regret is there too.

I like this book because it is so hilarious that he always eats chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!! My favorite part is when John eats all the toothpaste and his little sister tells on him. Who would eat toothpaste? I love this book because John has a lot of mixed feelings about what happens. This book reminds me of King Midas and the Golden Touch. You will learn that you should never eat too much chocolate, never!!!

I recommend this book because it is very funny. I think that you should be about seven to read this book because it has some hard words.