1 The Pigeon Needs A Bath

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The Pigeon Needs A Bath

Written by Mo Willems

Reviewed by Imogen W. (age 7)

The Pigeon Needs A Bath

The book Pigeon Needs a Bath is a very common book that kids read. The main character is the pigeon. The pigeon needs to take a bath, but the pigeon doesn’t want to take a bath. Read the book to find out if the pigeon really does take a bath or not.

My favorite part of the book was when the pigeon said, “Maybe you need a bath.” I also liked it when the pigeon said, “I like it when I feel clean.” I felt silly when all the bugs started flying around the pigeon because it was a funny part. This book reminds me of when I did not take a bath because I felt like I was really clean, but actually I was really, really dirty. I like the book because it is an awesome book.

I recommend this book to people who like funny pigeons and people who like reading speech bubbles a lot. People should read this book because it is a funny pigeon story, but the pigeon is fake. This book is not based on a true story.