1 Battle Bunny

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Battle Bunny

Written by Jon Scieszka

Illustrated by Matt Myers

Reviewed by Lorelai S. (age 7)

Battle Bunny

Do you know what a battle on a birthday feels like? It feels like battle time! Birthday bunny is pretending to be battle bunny because he thinks that everyone forgot his special day. So he thinks of his conversations with his friends as a battle with his enemies. Everything he does changes from a birthday to a battle day. How does his battle birthday end? You should read Battle Bunny to find out.

I think the book impressed me when I first read it. I like the part when Battle Bunny pretended to cut the trees down. My favorite parts were when Battle Bunny hit crow with a log, defeated Bear, and hand cuffed Squirrel to a tree. My favorite characters are Battle Bunny, Bear, Crow, and Squirrel. I love the pictures they make it more of a battle in the book. See the pictures of the battle in the book.

I recommend this book to people who like to pretend to battle. Also to people who like bunnies, bears, crows, and squirrels. If you read Battle Bunny your will love Bunny, he says “Ha ha ha” a lot in the book. Also see Alex’s surprise in the end. So you should read Battle Bunny.