1 'Lets Get A Pup!" Said Kate

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'Lets Get A Pup!" Said Kate

Written by Bob Grahm

Reviewed by Hillary V (age 8)

'Lets Get A Pup!

The book “Let’s Get a Pup!” begins Kate and her mom and dad looking at the newspaper to see if they can find a pet. They went immediately to the pet store. They saw sad dogs, happy dogs, big dogs, small dogs. They saw a little dog named Dave. Then they a big dog named Rosy. Dave liked her a lot. But they could not get her because they only wanted one pet. Dave was having so much trouble at home. What could a dog do more? On Dave’s first night he cried on his box. The next morning, Mom and Dad left immediately and they got Rosy at the rescue center. Then Rosy had to take a shower because she was dirty. And then Dave had to take a shower because he was dirty too. Then they watched TV a little. Then Kate was reading a book about dogs. Then Kate was at the bathroom and Dave pulled her pants, then Kate said you have to sleep on someone’s bed. Then they had a good night’s sleep. Kate was not alone.

I liked the book about Kate and her puppy. I liked it because Kate felt alone but when she got the puppy Dave was having too much trouble because he really wants Rosy and the next morning they left immediately without eating their breakfast. When they were about to get Rosy, it made me feel happy. The part when they made Dave and Rosy take a bath made me think you can’t have dirty dogs in the house. This book made me miss my dog that died a long time ago.

You might like this book if you want to get a puppy. They show how to give dogs a bath. You might like this book if you want to learn how to feed a dog. And if you want to take dogs for a walk. You might like this book if you like colorful pictures.