1 The Worst Best Friend

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The Worst Best Friend

Written by Alexis O'Neill

Reviewed by Leo G. (age 8)

“Please be my friend!” said Conrad. “Please read this book!” said me. The Worst Best Friend is a book about Mike and Conrad who are best, best friends until Victor comes along. Find out how Conrad and Victor eventually become friends.

I like how there are some characters from other books by Alexis O’Neill in the pictures, like Mean Jean from Mean Jean, The Recess Queen. It surprised me when Victor’s team won the kickball game. I was also surprised when Conrad actually became friends with Victor because Victor is a mean character. If you like surprising twists and turns in a book, then this book is definitely for you!

I recommend it to my sister because I’m always starting a fight with her just like Victor does in the book. I think she would enjoy it just as much as I did.