1 Biscuit Wins a Prize

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Biscuit Wins a Prize

Written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Illustrated by Pat Schories

Reviewed by Kip C. (age 8)

Biscuit Wins a Prize

This book is about a dog named Biscuit and his owner. Biscuit gets put in a pet show and he sees a lot of pets and some new friends and some old friends. Biscuit is a dog. He does many things. Half of the times he does silly things like he pulls his owner’s towel and his owner fell in the water! Biscuit goes off to see his friends and makes new friends. Biscuit sees a lot of new friends at the end. Something else happens at the end. Read to find out what happens.

I loved this book because Biscuit is funny, silly and nice. He helps other animals like in one of his books he helps a duckling get back home. Biscuit does some funny stuff like make the animals get out of their spots and he makes them go all over the place. Biscuit goes to see the bunnies and all the other animals. I like to read about Biscuit the dog.

I recommend Biscuit Wins a Prize to people who like to read about dogs. I recommend this book to children who just started to read. It’s easy to read and if you are interested in Biscuit, you will like this book.