1 Thunder Cake

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Thunder Cake

Written by Patricia Polacco

Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by James R. (age 8)

Thunder Cake

One day in Michigan, the weather was bad and thunder was coming. A child was hiding under the bed. Her Grandma said it is only thunder you are hearing. The air was hot heavy and damp. Grandma said we need to know how many miles away the storm is, so we have time to make the thunder cake and get it into the oven before the storm or it won’t be real thunder cake. Then the grandma wrote down the stuff they needed to make the thunder cake. They were by the barn door when a huge bold of lightning flashed. Read the rest of Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco to find out what happens!

My favorite part about the book is when they get the ingredients to make the thunder cake. At first, the little girl was hiding under the bed then she got over it and looked for the ingredients to make the thunder cake. The book is really exciting to read. The pictures are very detailed.

I recommend this book to anyone who is afraid of thunder. Once, you read this book you will not be scared of thunder. I was afraid of thunder and now I am not! It made my fear go away and maybe it will for you as well. Children ages 6-10 years old would enjoy this book.