1 Dolphins at Daybreak

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Dolphins at Daybreak

Written by Mary Pope Osborn

Reviewed by Saad G. (age 8)

Dolphins at Daybreak

Jack and Annie had to sink or swim! In the story, Jack and Annie had to go on a mission to become master librarians. The magic tree house spins really fast then lands on dead coral. They get into a min-sub and go into the ocean. They find an octopus and a shark. Dolphins came to save them and Jack and Annie found out that the dolphins were the answer to their mission. I learned that if you are having trouble swimming, first try to do it yourself. If you can't do it yourself, call for help.

My opinion is that this is the best book I've ever read. I really like the author and all the books she has written. This book was great because it was about going into the ocean and scuba diving. This is what I want to do some time. I would recommend this book to other kids because it is full of detail and it makes you feel that you are there. I recommend this book to adults and children from other countries that don't know how to read because it will help them become interested in reading.

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