1 The Get Rich Quick Club

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The Get Rich Quick Club

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Connor E. (age 9)

The Get Rich Quick Club

Gina really likes money. But guess how much she has…NONE!!! In the book The Get Rich Quick Club, Gina makes a club called G.R.Q. (Get Rich Quick) with her friends Rob and Quincy and the annoying twins, Eddie and Teddy. Gina finds a gazebo to use as a meeting place. In it, the club members think of a plan to earn some quick money. They decide to make a fake U.F.O. out of junk that Quincy finds at her house. Afterward, the G.R.Q club takes a photo of the U. F.O. so that they can try to sell it for millions of dollars to the newspaper. But will the plan work? Read the book to find out!

Teddy and Eddie are really humorous, clever, and annoying. They are funny because they make up lies that make you laugh! For example they tell other G.R.Q. members that their dad is Johnny Appleseed. They are annoying because whenever they don’t get their way they start crying until they get their way and then stop crying immediately. They are clever because when every other G.R.Q member can’t think of anything to say, the twins always cover for them. One time when tons of news reporters were asking them questions, the twins thought of a perfect story when the others couldn’t.

I recommend this book to grade 3 and up to grade 5, especially readers who like money! This book could give you a few tips on how to get money quickly.