1 My Side of the Mountain

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My Side of the Mountain

Written by Jean Craighead George

Illustrated by Jean Craighead George

Reviewed by Rocco P (age 11)

My Side of the Mountain

From city to woods, Sam moves away from his crowded apartment into the wilderness .But, that comes at a price! Because until the wilderness becomes suitable he endures a terrible struggle.Read to find out what kind of a struggle he endures and what kind of a disappointment he suffers!!

I really enjoyed this book! It was descriptive to the point that you could imagine yourself in it! I felt the meaning is to inform readers how fast our society is evolving and how devastating over development can be! I also thought it was interesting that parents would let their kids go and live in the wild. This is a exciting because he met all kinds of different people in the wilderness.

I’d recommend this this book to an outdoors-type person because it has a lot of complicated meanings about...read to find out!