1 Knightley and Son

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Knightley and Son

Written by Wanda Ga'G

Reviewed by Max M (age 11)

Darkus Knightley is a is a quiet 13 boy with immense brainpower and a father who has been in a coma for the last 4 years. His dad used to be londons top detective and all his work is saved on usb port plugged into Darkus’s computer, but when his dad, Alan Knightley, comes home to retrieve his work - its gone!. So Knightley and son set off on a journey to retrieve his work and take down baddies!

This book is fun and serious at the same time. I like how well the characters are described, especially when the author describes Knightly's Dad and his energetic nature. In each chapter the author fills the pages with description and the character's charm This mystery is thrilling and keeps you wanting to know who the villain is.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic fiction. The age level is around 9-12. The witty characters will definitely suck you in!