1 The Name of this Book is Secret (Secret Series 1)

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The Name of this Book is Secret (Secret Series 1)

Written by Pseudonymous Bosch

Reviewed by Anna K. (age 11)

The Name of this Book is Secret (Secret Series 1)

This book is about a girl named Cassandra (or Cass for short) and her friend Max-Ernest. In this book they go on an adventure to a very strange hotel. The people who work there seem weird. They had heard a story about some strange characters who seem a lot like the ones at the spa. They are also trying to find out a secret that know one knows, so you'll have to read the series to find out what it is.

I really liked this book because it got me interested right away when I saw the cover. The title was really cool and so was the book. One of the characters that I found interesting was Max-Ernest because everyone thought he was not a good friend and really annoying. But when Cass became friends with him he seemed really nice. Something unique about this book is that it says things like, “You should stop reading this now,” which makes you want to read it more! I felt excited when I read this book because I had a lot of questions about how it was going to turn out.

I liked this book because it had a lot of adventure and is very mysterious. I think readers 10 and up would like this book because there are a lot of puzzles and complicated things to understand. What might interest readers is the adventure and title. What might also interest readers is the way the author writes the book, with all the warnings not to continue reading.