1 Animorphs: The Proposal

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Animorphs: The Proposal

Written by K.A. Applegate

Reviewed by Anthony S. (age 10)

Animorphs: The Proposal

This book is about a boy named Marco and his friends. They are called the Animorphs because they can morph into different animals. The animorphs have to stop the yerks from getting control of the world. Unfortunately Marcos' mom is a visser. Jake's brother is now a controller. Also Marco might get his math teacher as a mom.

I liked this book because it had a lot of action. My favorite character was Marco because he reminds me of myself. He likes Play Station like me, he is a jokester like me and he is not too tall, like me.

Do the animorphs save the world from taxxons and hork bagir? To find you have to read the book. I recommend this book to people who like science fiction books with lots of action and adventure. I enjoyed reading this book. I think you will too.