1 Cam Jansen and the Missing Cookie

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Cam Jansen and the Missing Cookie

Written by David A. Adler

Illustrated by Susuanna Natti

Reviewed by Jocelyn C. (age 8)

Cam Jansen and the Missing Cookie

Do you like mysteries? Then this is a book for you! In the story, Cam, a young detective, is trying to find a missing cookie. Cam is very special. She has a memory that acts like a camera. This memory helps her remember things and most importantly solve mysteries! You should read the book to see who stole the cookie!

I thought the story was very interesting because it is a mystery book. It was about a missing cookie. It was fun to figure out who took the cookie. This book is part of the “Young Cam Jansen” series. This book is similar to other books in the series because the main character is Cam Jansen and she solves different mysteries in the books. My favorite part was when Jason thought it was Annie who stole the cookie. This was my favorite part because it surprised me when I found out who it really was who stole the cookie! My favorite character was Cam because she would look at the board and close her eyes and remember what was on it. She had a good memory.

I recommend this book to all kids that are in kindergarten through second grade. If you like mysteries this is a good book for you. It will surprise you in the end!