1 Snowmen All Year

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Snowmen All Year

Written by Caralyn and Mark Buehner

Illustrated by Mark Buener

Reviewed by Spencer L (age 8)

Snowmen All Year

In the story Snowmen All Year, the boy loves to build a snowman. He wishes the snowman would not melt and stay with him all year. If the snowman would stay all year he would teach him how to fly a kite. They would pretend to sail the seven seas. The boy knows the snowman would love to see the tigers at the zoo. On the boy’s birthday, they would celebrate the snowman’s too. They ride the roller coaster together at the park. In summer, they would watch the fireworks and swim in the pool. They could play games together like chess. Read the story to find out if the boy’s dream comes true.

In my opinion this is a great story because I like the idea of snowmen all year round. I love the pictures because they are bright and life-like.

My favorite part is when they go camping because I go camping a lot with my mom and brother. When I have sleep overs with friends we go camping too.

I recommend this story because it’s funny. The best part is when they go on the roller coaster at the amusement park. You have to read Snowmen All Year. I recommend this book because the book is really, really funny.