1 The Very Cranky Bear

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The Very Cranky Bear

Written by Nick Bland

Reviewed by Robert M (age 0)

The Very Cranky Bear

This story is about four friends. In the beginning four friends go into a cave but they didn’t know that there was a cranky bear. He roared and kicked them out. Then zebra said I think he would feel better if we give him some stripes and then moose said we should give him some antlers. But then lion said I think we should give him a golden mane. So they did. But you will have to find out what happens next when you read the book.

I recommend you read this book. I recommend this book because it is funny when they dress up the bear to look like them.

In my opinion this is a good book because the very cranky bear is a funny character. It was funny when he kicked all the animals out of his cave.

My favorite part is when the bear lets all the animals stay in the cave while he was sleeping. This reminds of my dad when he comes home from work and is tired and lays on the sofa.