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Library Lion

Written by Michelle Knudsen

Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes

Reviewed by Emma T (age 8)

Library Lion

One day a lion came to a library. Everybody was scared of him. Then they were not scared of him. He started coming every day. Miss Marryweather is the headmistress of the library. She gives him chores. Soon he started doing stuff on his own. One day after the lion was done with his chores, he goes by Miss Marryweather’s office. He just had to get a book on the high top shelf, then slam! Read the book to find out what happened.

I recommend this book. It’s sad and happy because the lion got yelled at in the library and because it made me happy. I think others will enjoy this book.

My favorite part of the story is when the lion came back and everyone was back to being happy.

In my opinion, I think this is a good book it teaches people that it's nice to help because the lion does lots of nice things to help people, like dusting the furniture and reaching books on high shelves.