1 Cindy Moo

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Cindy Moo

Written by Lori Mortensen

Illustrated by Jeff Mack

Reviewed by Hannah L. (age 8)

Cindy Moo

This story is about a cow, Cindy Moo who lives in a barn with a her cow friends. Cindy overhears the nursery rhyme about cows jumping over the moon. The other cows tell her cows can't jump over the moon. Cindy Moo really wants to jump over the moon. She tries to jump but falls. And then one night after a rainstorm she sees the reflection of the moon in a puddle and she jumps!

My favorite part of the story is when she finally jumps over the moon even though it's in a puddle.

I like this story because she shows her friends they are wrong because she trying and doesn't give up and when I try something new I don't give up.

I would recommend this story because it teaches about not giving up.