1 Cindy Moo

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Cindy Moo

Written by Lori Mortensen

Illustrated by Jeff Mack

Reviewed by Maria Clara S. (age 7)

Cindy Moo

Cindy Moo was a cow. She heard a poem that said, "The cow jumped over the moon". So Cindy Moo wanted to jump over the moon. She tried a lot of times and her farm friends kept saying that Cindy Moo couldn't do it. She kept trying. One night she tried by running up a hill. When she got to the top, it seemed like the moon flew further away. Cindy Moo started to cry and went back to the barn all sad. You will have to read the rest of the story to find out the end.

I thought this book was fun because there was a cow that wanted to jump a moon. Cindy Moo was a great book because it was funny. My favorite part was when the cow ran up the hill and tried to jump the moon. The illustrator's pictures were nice too.

I think Cindy Moo would be a great book for all kids. Cindy Moo is a funny book. I would also recommend it because it rhymed. The animal characters are entertaining.