1 Katy No Pocket

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Katy No Pocket

Written by Emma Payne

Illustrated by H.A. Rey

Reviewed by Bryana D. (age 8)

Katy No Pocket

Katy No-Pocket is about a mother kangaroo named Katy Kangaroo that does not have a pocket for her joey. So when they're going places, Freddy (the joey) gets very tired because he doesn't have a pouch to ride in. Katy keeps crying and crying because she can't do anything about it. She and Freddy decide to think about how to solve their problem. Katy had an idea. She decided to ask other mothers who don't have pouches what they do about carrying their children. Then she would try it and see if it works. Katy didn't have any luck until she goes to a wise owl who tells her to go to the city. She does and solves her problem in an unusual way! To find out, read this book.

In my opinion this book is great because it is about kangaroos and I like books about animals. I also like this book because it is funny. The funniest part was when she talked to the alligator about how she carries her babies. Katy tries it and her joey falls off. The other good thing about this book is that the ending is kind of a surprise.

My recommendation is that you should read this book because it is very funny and I love it. I recommend this to 5-8 year olds. It teaches you to solve a problem. I also think children will like the animals because they talk. I also recommend the book because it can be a help if people have a problem, they can have the idea to go ask someone for advice about how to solve it.