1 Two Bad Ants

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Two Bad Ants

Written by Chris Van Allsburg

Illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg

Reviewed by Tal S. (age 8), Peter O. (age 7)

Two Bad Ants

This book is about two bad ants. They didn?t listen to the queen. She wanted them to go and get crystals. They went to get them but instead they ate the crystals and explored a tall skyscraper. The two bad ants thought it was a mountain but it was a skyscraper. They fell asleep on the crystals and the next day a giant scoop picked them up but it was really a spoon. Then they fell in this brown lake but it was really a cup of coffee. They went in one of the holes in the disk but it was really a piece of bread. Then the disk went in the toaster oven and they thought it was a dark red-hot cave but it was really a toaster oven. They found the other ants and they went back home because they were getting hurt.

This is a really good book for second and third graders. Teachers or grown-ups could read it to first graders or kindergartners. The author made it seem like the ants didn?t know what faucets, toaster ovens, electricity holes, and buildings are. It seemed funny because the ants didn?t know what those things were. The book makes you feel like an ant! The pictures make you actually think that the ants are right because all of the pictures look like how an ant would see it.