1 The Lightning Thief

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The Lightning Thief

Written by Rick Riordan

Reviewed by Sophia L. (age 8)

The Lightning Thief

Zap! This marvelous book written by Rick Riordan holds dangerous secrets as it tells a story about “problem-child” Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, two half-blood children born to a mortal and a god. Another member of the adventure team is Percy’s best friend Grover, the satyr. Join them in their adventures all over the world in a quest to find the master lightning bolt, which needs to be returned to Zeus before humankind is doomed.

Their first adventure is at a statue garden/diner where they find their first monster, Medusa. They work together to overcome this obstacle and many obstacles soon after, such as Charon a half-dragon/half-monster. The team travels from the underworld to Olympus, which is the 600th floor of the empire state building. This where is where they meet Poseidon, Percy’s father, who is accused of stealing Zeus’s lightning bolt. Percy finds the lightning bolt, but is never allowed into Olympus again. However, the main villain Hades is still out in the world.

My favorite part is when Hades pulled some tricks out of his sleeve and pulled those tricks on Percy. My second favorite part is all the dreams of the characters that seem so realistic. These are my favorite because they contain adventure after adventure and are never boring. This story is set up for more adventures because this is book one in a series of many. The other books in the series have Percy continuing on adventures as a half-blood. This book is similar to many mystery books because there are a lot of cliffhangers at the end of the chapters. These cliffhangers make the person reading want to keep going. I never wanted to stop reading!

In conclusion, I recommend this book for families to read together because they can all share in the adventure. This book is so fast-paced and exhilarating that if you read this by yourself I recommend it for ages 6-13. If you love adventures and excitement, you should find this book and read it today!