1 Amazing Dolphins

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Amazing Dolphins

Written by Sarah Thomson

Reviewed by Grant A. (age 9)

Amazing Dolphins

Click click! Do you want to read a book about dolphins? Well, I am going to tell you all about a book about them. The name of this book is Amazing Dolphins. The author is Sarah L. Thomson.

To begin with, this book tells how dolphins are mammals that make noises to communicate. This is just like how humans talk. This is how dolphins signal each other and show their feelings. No dolphins sound the same. This book also tells how dolphins live underwater, but are able to breathe air through their blowholes. They eat fish and use echolocation, which is the sound of their clicking as it bounces off things, to find fish. The book has many facts like these about dolphins to show why they are amazing.

My favorite part of the book was about how dolphins interact with each other. I even learned that they swim along touching fins as if they are holding hands. I also liked reading about how they help each other get air if one of the group is hurt and can't get to the surface to breathe. It’s interesting that they work together. I learned that dolphins get killed in fish nets every year, and that it is our responsibility to help save the dolphins. I think this is important for everyone to know, especially since we live in Florida.

In conclusion, I would recommend this book for children, ages 5-9. It is informative and teaches in an easy to read way how cool dolphins are and how we need to protect them.