1 Dorko the Magnificient

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Dorko the Magnificient

Written by Andrea Beaty

Reviewed by Layla P. (age 9)

Dorko the Magnificient

Abracadabra! Come join Robbie, also known as Dorko the Magnificent, written by Andrea Beatty.

To summarize this book, it is about a magician called Robbie Darko. He always has a problem doing the pull a rabbit out of your hat trick. This is because the rabbit somehow always ends up escaping. Then Grandma Melvyn moves in with Robbie’s busy family. When Robbie finds out that she used to be a really great magician, he works very hard to get Grandma Melvyn to help him. Robbie makes lots of mistakes along the way but he also learns a lot.

My favorite part of the book was when the rabbit escaped out of nowhere at school at started digging through the lunch boxes! This was a very funny part which made it my favorite. Also, it surprised me when grandma Melvyn did have lots and lots of tricks up her sleeve. The tricks that she knew and shared with Robbie made the book much more exciting to read. I think Robbie is like me because we both are about the same age and have a busy family. I would like to learn how to be a magician too.

In conclusion, this is a very fun book for third graders like me. I hope you will enjoy Dorko the Magnificent as much as I did!