Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Carnival prize

Written by David Adler

Reviewed by Mila R. (age 8), Layla P. (age 9)

layla mila cam jansen.jpg

Why is everyone winning? If you like mystery books, you should checkout Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Carnival Prize written by David A. Adler.

To begin with, two kids named Jenifer Jansen (also known as Cam because once her parents found out she had a photographic memory they started to call her cam short for camera) and Eric along with Eric’s twin sisters Donna and Diane are trying to figure out why so many people are winning the hardest game at the carnival. The game that everyone keeps winning is called the dime toss. This is an important mystery because the carnival is to raise money for the library at their school. How can they raise money if everyone keeps winning? Cam knows something is wrong and uses her detective work to solve this problem.

In addition, a surprising part of the story is when Cam did well at the Trivia Game. It surprised us because when Cam was really good at the trivia game she won the twins a school banner and t-shirts. Our favorite part was when Cam thought someone stole a very expensive bike but it turns out the bike belongs to the little girl named Debby Lane. This was a good part because it didn’t solve the true mystery so it was an interesting clue that just didn’t work out. We liked the book because while were reading we didn’t want to put the book down! When we were reading the book we kept thinking about what the other characters were up to and what they were doing.

In conclusion, we recommend this book to adults or to kids who like mystery books. Be a good detective and read Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Carnival Prize right away!