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Written by Kay Manolis

Reviewed by Phong T. (age 8)


Have you ever want to learn about ramps? I never knew there were so many facts about them! This book is the perfect fit for you!! Read Ramps (Blast off Readers) by Kay Manolis.

To start with, this books explains how ramps are simple machines. Simple machines are machines that move a little or not at all and that help people do work. Ramps are the only simple machines that don’t move! Ramps help you lift loads. The shallower the ramp, the less effort needed but this also needs more time to do a job. The steeper a ramp is means there is more effort but less time to do a job. There are many examples of ramps in the book including skateboard ramps, slides, monkey bars, and stunt ramps.

In addition, my favorite part of Ramps was to learn that ramps are everywhere we go! One example of this is the monkey bars because I thought these were just a sideways ladder. Ramps are so cool because ramps are used for entertainment too. In the playground, the slide and monkey bars are an example of this. Ramps are even in roller-coasters. When you go up and then you go down that is a ramp. The most interesting thing I read was that ramps are also used for stunts like with motorcycles, and monster trucks, and bikes!! These are used in shows for many people to see. All of these parts from the book show that ramps are very useful.

In conclusion, I recommend the book ramps, for ages 6-8. I loved this book because it taught me so much about ramps!