1 Hooway for Wodney Wat

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Hooway for Wodney Wat

Written by Helen Lester

Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

Reviewed by Brianna L. (age 6)

Hooway for Wodney Wat

Wodney Wat was the shyest rodent at his school. He couldn't say his "r's" right. He got teased a lot. One day a big, very smart rodent came to the school. She was a bully,too. Her name was Camilla Capybara. Wodney Wat thought she was going to breathe capybara breath on him and he was scared of her. Everyone was scared of her, too. Wodney was picked to be the leader of a game called "Simon Says". He was afraid Camilla would laugh at him when he said words with "r's" in them. He said "Wodney says wap your paws around your head." Camilla whapped herself on the head instead of wrapping her paws like everyone else did. Wodney said some other things that Camilla did wrong. All the other rodents laughed at her. In the end, Camilla went west instead of "Go rest" and nobody saw her again, and the class was happy again.

I liked this book because Wodney Wat was the hero of the whole elementary school. My favorite part was when he made the new student go away. The illustrations looked like they were real pictures.

I think kids who like funny books about mice and school would like this book! This is a good book for all kids in all grades to read.