1 Cornelius

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Written by Leo Lionni

Reviewed by Om P. (age 7)


This story is about Cornelius the Crocodile. Since the first day he came out of an egg, he could walk on two feet. He told this to everyone, but no one appreciated it, so one day, he got mad and he walked away. On the way, he met Monkey. He instantly informed him that he could walk on two feet and he could see far away. Monkey said he could stand on his head and swing his tail from the branches. Cornelius learned this new trick with the help of Monkey. He went back home and showed his friends his new trick, but nobody cared. He walked away again. Then he stopped and looked back and saw that everyone was falling on their head, so he smiled at them.

My favorite part is Cornelius leaned new things from Monkey because it's good to learn new things. My favorite character is Cornelius because he is constantly learning. Just like Cornelius, I like to learn new things such as swimming, gymnastics, basketball, drawing, and soccer. The pictures in the story help explain the story better.

I think everyone should read this story because it gives the message that we should work hard to achieve our goal.