1 Stranded

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Written by Jeff Probst

Reviewed by Sophia L. (age 8)


Crash! A boat accident turns a family vacation into a fight for survival in the book Stranded by Jeff Probst!

During a fierce storm, the family boat named Lucky Star hits some rocks and begins to sink. The captain of the boat, the children’s uncle, manages to get on a life raft but disappears from sight before the children get on. As brand new siblings from a blended family, Vanessa, Buzz, Carter, and Jane learn how to work together as a team to survive on an island in the South Pacific. For example, Carter and Jane go out on a mission to find clean water and learn how to explore the strange land.

My favorite part of this book is when Carter and Jane jumped across small rocky islands, which would be fun if the tide was not so rough. I liked this part of the book because it showed how the siblings had to work together and really cared for one another. However, I did not like the book because it was sad and nerve wracking the entire time. It seemed like one problem led to another with no relief or solution, and I felt lonely and sorry for the children. This book is part of a series, so I would be curious to see if the story goes on.

I do recommend the book only to readers who like adventure. The plot is exciting, the characters are interesting, and the author uses a lot of detail. This book may make you think twice about boating in strange places!