1 Miss Small is Off the Wall

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Miss Small is Off the Wall

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Ellie L. (age 9)

Miss Small is Off the Wall

She’s so weird! Read this story to find out about the book Miss Small is Off the Wall by Dan Gutman.

To begin with, this book is about a very weird gym teacher named Miss Small. She has the kids in her class do crazy things like balance feathers. Andrea and A.J. and the other kids in class try to convince her to play regular games. But all of the adults in their school are really strange! The boys in the class really dislike all the activities that Miss Small makes them do but the girls usually liked them. My favorite part is when Andrea started juggling flaming sticks.

In addition, this book is really funny in my opinion because Miss Small is actually really tall. The author must have chosen her name because of this so we would laugh. This book makes me feel not so smart because Andrea’s a know-it-all. I am not like her. I loved this book because of the funny actions. In the book, Andrea juggles scarves! I was also surprised when I read this book because I didn’t expect the ending to be so weird.

In conclusion, I recommend this book because it’s funny, weird, and really good and also for ages 8 to 11. Don’t forget to read it as soon as you can!