1 Miss Nelson is Missing

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Miss Nelson is Missing

Written by James Marshall

Illustrated by James Marshall

Reviewed by Dareen B. (age 8)

Miss Nelson is Missing

Miss Nelson is Missing is about some kids that are very rude in room 207. Miss Nelson has a plan to dress up as a mean lady named Miss Viola Swamp. The kids go to the police station and they meet Detective McSmogg. Detective McSmogg doesn't help them at all. Then the kids go to Miss Nelson's house. But then Miss Viola Swamp comes out. The children get away in time. The next day all the children wait in the classroom. Miss Nelson is there and the kids are very happy to have her back!

I liked the book because Miss Nelson has a secret and I like the plan. I like Miss Nelson because she is kind even if she is having a hard time with her class. It makes me think about my sister because she is rude. The lesson in this story is not to be rude to your teacher. I think other people should read this book because it is a little funny. I also think that all kinds of children should read this book. I think that everybody would like the characters, setting, the author's writing style, and the cool watercolors. I love this book!