1 How to Catch a Star

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How to Catch a Star

Written by Oliver Jeffers

Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers

Reviewed by Esprit C (age 6)

How to Catch a Star

There was a boy who really wanted to catch a star but he couldn’t find one. He waited all morning and ate lunch and ate dinner and before he went home he saw a star. He reaches up to try and catch it but he couldn’t and he uses his daddy’s life preserver but it’s too heavy. He even asks a seagull for help but the seagull didn’t want to help. The boy reached his hand in the water for the star but he didn’t catch it. He was sad but then he saw a golden star on the sand at the beach and picked it up and brought it home and was happy.

I liked the book because the boy caught a star. I feel weird because he doesn’t have a name. I felt sad because he didn’t find a star in time for dinner. I feel happy that he found the star in the sand. I wish I had my own star! <3

I recommend this book because it is fun. This book makes me happy. I think me and my mommy would love to read this book.