1 Frog and Toad All Year

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Frog and Toad All Year

Written by Arnold Lobel

Illustrated by Arnold Lobel

Reviewed by Sam M. (age 8)

Frog and Toad All Year

Dear Reader,

Do you like reptiles? Do you like frogs? How about toads? Then you should read these great books by Arnold Lobel. The titles of the books are Frog and Toad Are Friends, and Frog and Toad All Year.

Frog is the problem solver, and Toad is the negative, grumpy one. They are great friends and like each other a lot. In the story Down the Hill, Toad was so grumpy he didn’t even want to get on his snow clothes because he didn’t want to go outside. Another reason I think Toad is grumpy is at the end you can even tell from the picture that he wants to go back to bed.

One reason I think Frog is a good problem solver is in the story, Ice Cream, he told Toad to eat ice cream in the shade so the ice cream wouldn’t melt. In fact, Frog is always trying to solve Toad’s problems.

Another reason I think Frog is a good problem solver is in the story, The Lost Button, Frog tries so hard to find Toad’s button, but he can’t. Toad gets grumpy and screams! Toad thought he overreacted when he found his button on the floor in his house. I think Toad overreacted WAY too much and I think you will agree with me once you read the Frog and Toad series.

Frog and Toad show they are great friends in all of their books. In Down the Hill, Frog wanted his friend Toad to have fun and enjoy the snow. In Ice Cream, Frog wanted ice cream so Toad walked to the store to get some for him. In The Lost Button, Frog spent all day with Toad trying to find Toad's lost button. To thank him, Toad sewed all the buttons they found in their search onto his jacket and gave the jacket to Frog.

So now you should read some Frog and Toad stories for yourself and you’ll see that Frog is the problem solver and Toad is the negative, grumpy one, but they are great friends!

Happy Reading, Sam