1 Frog and Toad All Year

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Frog and Toad All Year

Written by Arnold Lobel

Illustrated by Arnold Lobel

Reviewed by Trevor C. (age 8)

Frog and Toad All Year

Dear Reader,

If you like good friends and pals, then you have to read the Frog and Toad Series.

In Frog and Toad, Ice Cream, Toad is so so silly! He has two cones which are melting and he holds the cones higher which make them melt even more. So now he's covered with ice cream. Then Toad starts running back and forth to Frog and Frog thinks that Toad is a monster! The cones are stuck on his head so they look like horns and the ice cream looks like skin. In the picture it shows the ice cream is melting all over Toad, which is very funny!

Another reason Toad is so silly is when the animals in the woods are yelling and screaming that there is a monster coming. This is my favorite part. It reminds me of when I was little and had ice cream melted all over my face and I looked like a monster.

Now I think all you boys and girls, short and tall, will agree with me that this is a silly Toad!

From, Trevor