1 The Wolf Princess

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The Wolf Princess

Written by Cathryn Constable

Reviewed by Gwyneth S. (age 10)

The Wolf Princess

Would you ever want to find yourself in a sparkling, snowflake crystalizing forest? If you love magical tales, than this is the book for you! This magical book is about three friends, Sophia, Delphine, and Marianna. These three friends are on their way to Russia for a fascinating trip.

The suspense in this book is great. As if by magic, the friends find themselves traveling deep into a wintery Russia, abruptly abandoned into a blinding blizzard. They fear for their lives! I love adventure, and this book has a lot of it.

As if it was a fairy tale, a princess comes to their rescue, she is the beautiful empress Anna. She brings the friends to her wintery palace that was as magnificent as once-upon-a-time! There is a mystery that needs to be solved and that made me keep reading and reading. I could relate to this book because I like to go on adventures with my friends and I would do anything to keep them safe. If you want to find out if Sophie escapes any danger, than you should read the book.

This book is for someone who loves glittering gray diamonds and wild wolves. If you want to find out what happens, read this magical book to find out! If you read this glorious book, you will want to keep on going. I think this is one of the greatest books I ever read because it had adventure, suspense, and mystery all in one.