1 The Secret of the Faeries

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The Secret of the Faeries

Written by Thea Stilton

Reviewed by Breanna P. (age 9)

The Secret of the Faeries

Do you like fantasy? Well, if you do then there is a book called "The Secret of the Faeries." The main characters are Thea Stilton, Violet, Paulina, Nicky, Colette, and Pamela. The five girls attend a school in Ireland along with Thea Stilton. Thea pretends to be an all day, every day school teacher, but she and the other five girls are really spies.

My favorite part in the book is Nina from the Seven Roses unit went on an expedition and hasn't returned in two months. All six of the girls go on an adventure to find Nina. At the same time, they need to work together. I have to work together with groups all of the time, and it is not always easy. I admire how the Fairies all work together. I also enjoyed reading about the magical creatures who lived in the Land of Erin. The suspenseful part is finding out if the friends will be able to save the Land of Erin. Is their friendship and determination enough to do it?

I recommend this book to people who can really read and understand leveled and high powered vocabulary. Also, people who can really imagine scenes. Can the six girls work together and find Nina?