1 Why Do Cats Meow?

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Why Do Cats Meow?

Written by Joan Holub

Illustrated by Anna DiVito

Reviewed by Elizabeth W. (age 8)

Why Do Cats Meow?

Do you know why cats meow or purr or hiss? You can find the answer to these questions and many more if you read this book. It is a non- fiction book with very short chapters that will help you discover all you’ll want to know about cats. You will learn why cats have whiskers and travels and how they see and hear.

I think that the story is good and helpful because people want to know different things about cats. This book reminds me of my cat when he purrs and licks me. I know this is his way of showing me he loves me. The author uses pictures as well as drawings to help the reader understand the story and it has 48 pages, so it's not a long book to read.

Kids that want to learn about cats should read this book. Kids that want to learn about animals should read this book. Readers that might be interested in this book are kids that like cats.