1 The 39 Clues: Storm Warning

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The 39 Clues: Storm Warning

Written by Linda Sue Park

Illustrated by SJI Associates

Reviewed by Duncan D. (age 8)

The 39 Clues: Storm Warning

If you like suspense stories, then this is the book for you. In this 39 Clue book Amy and Dan are in a race to become the most powerful people on Earth. Amy and Dan are constantly in danger in this book. They also learn a secret that will change the clue hunt forever. Will Amy and Dan survive? What is the secret? Read this book to find out.

This book was the best in the 39 Clues series. I think this was the best book in the series because it was the most suspenseful and I love suspense stories. I felt tense as I read this book. As I read this book I kept on wondering if Amy and Dan were going to survive. My favorite part of this book was when Amy and Dan learn a Madrigal secret that seems impossible to accomplish. I think this is a good book for anyone who likes mysteries.

I recommend this book series to 3rd to 4th graders. I recommend this book to these grades because there is a lot of strong vocabulary that most of the lower grades wouldn’t know. People who like mysteries and love to solve problems will adore this book. This book has 190 pages with no pictures and 22 chapters. So go run to the library to get this book before it’s too late!