1 The Year of Miss Agnes

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The Year of Miss Agnes

Written by Kirkpatrick Hill

Reviewed by Katherine N. (age 9)

The Year of Miss Agnes

Do you like simple but pleasant stories about someone’s life? If so you will LOVE The Year of Miss Agnes by Kirkpatrick Hill.

First, the main character, a young girl living in the 1940s, tells about her village in Alaska. Then she says that her mom thinks that school is a waste of time. Soon the girl met Miss Agnes, her teacher. After that it tells about all the things that Miss Agnes did that was new to them. Some examples are when she brings new books for them and she plays music on a record player. At the end, something VERY surprising happened!

This story reminded me of my last two grades. This is because last year my teacher wasn’t a good match for me. This year my teacher is awesome and nice. The same thing happened to her. This book was special because it is not like many other books. This book was a little uneventful at times but I was not bored while I read it. This book made my mind feel free. It made me wonder how the author felt when she was writing this. I felt so happy when I read it!

I think anyone that is BORED of the normal kind of book would like this. This is NOT a boring old book that you see every day! I hope you try it!