1 The Wish Stealers

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The Wish Stealers

Written by Tracy Trivas

Reviewed by Julie M. (age 9)

The Wish Stealers

“I wish for world peace!” If you like interesting books, you should read Wish Stealers by Tracy Trivias.

To start with, Griffin Penshine loves to wish and any of her wishes come true. But then, she turns into a wish stealer. It all happens when she meets a wish stealer, Mariah Weatherby Schmidt, who dies leaving Griffin as the wish stealer. She starts making bad wishes on a mean girl named Samantha who always taunts her. Will she turn to normal again?

In addition, this reminds me of myself because when I get mad at someone, I wish bad things on them. For example, let’s say my sister was being mean to me. I would wish for her to get a broken leg so she can’t play soccer. Also, I liked this book because it was exciting and surprising. Last, my favorite part is when Samantha gets lizard skin. Not so pretty anymore!

In conclusion, I recommend this book to people who believe in wishes. Go buy it today!