1 Canada Goose at Cattail Lane

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Canada Goose at Cattail Lane

Written by Janet Halfman

Illustrated by Daniel J. Stegos

Reviewed by Malia S. (age 6)

Canada Goose at Cattail Lane

Canada Goose makes a nest. Then she lays eggs. Gandor Goose guards the nest. Canada Goose lays on the eggs to keep the eggs warm. After one month passes, the eggs hatch. The little ducks learn to find food and protect themselves. After a few months, they learn to fly.

My favorite part is when the eggs hatch because it is sweet and cute. The chicks are my favorite characters because they look adorable. This story relates to my life because I see geese at the park. The pictures help me understand the story because they show what is going to happen next.

I think others should read this story because it is very interesting to know what a goose's life is like.