1 The Great Mouse Detective

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The Great Mouse Detective

Written by Walt Disney

Reviewed by Angel G. (age 8)

The Great Mouse Detective

This is a book about Basil, the great mouse detective solving a mystery. At the beginning of the story a little girl named Olivia needs Basil's help to find her dad. Ratigan, the criminal mastermind rat, has Olivia's dad. Ratigan wants to control England, so he forces Olivia's dad to help him. Does Ratigan take control of England? If you want to know if he does, read the book.

The Great Mouse Detective is a great book. I liked the book because it is a mystery. I like mysteries because in the book they are trying to solve a mystery, and you are trying to solve the mystery in your head. My favorite part of the book was when Basil and Dawson came into Ratigan's hideout. All of Ratigan's clan surprised them and tied them up. It was funny because Basil and Dawson were surprised. The character of Fidget was interesting to me because he was crazy, he is the only bat, and because he has a peg leg. The other part I thought was interesting was that Ratigan, the rat, had a pet cat! Mostly, I think the cat would eat rats!

I would recommend this book because it was funny, and it will help with schoolwork because it gets you thinking. I think kids from preschool to first grade would enjoy this book. Maybe second graders would, too. Older kids might think it's a baby book. You will probably like the characters of Fidget, Ratigan, and Olivia's dad. You will probably like this mystery.