1 Dinosaurs eye to eye

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Dinosaurs eye to eye

Written by Jonathan Woodward

Reviewed by Jesus H (age 10)

Dinosaurs eye to eye

This book is about all kinds of dinosaurs. In this summary I will tell you information for seven dinosaurs.

Spinosaurus is the biggest hunter in all of time. It was even bigger than a Tyrannosaurus! Spinosaurus ate fish. Spinosaurus’s teeth were like the modern animal today, the crocodile. The Spinosaurus has a sail on top of it’s back. That’s the special feature I like about the Spinosaurus.

The Stegosaurus were part of the armored family. They lived in the late Jurassic. The Stegosaurus had bony plates on it’s back. Scientists think the stegosaurus’s bony plates keep them cool on hot sunny days. My favorite part about the Stegosaurus is that they have spikes on its tail.

The Triceratops has three horns. Two big ones and one small one. The Triceratops was the biggest ceratopsian. They had a frill. Triceratops are herbivore which means they eat plants with their little teeth. The Triceratops had a beak to cut plants.

The Tyrannosaurus lived in the mesozoic era. It was heavy and had huge jaws and huge teeth. The Tyrannosaurus had no enemies because they are the king of dinosaurs. Its name means the king of the tyrant lizards.

Allosaurus is a type of theropod. This lived in the middle Jurassic. Allosaurus had knife-edged teeth. They hunted for Stegosaurus. The Allosaurus is resembled as the Tyrannosaurus.

Sauropelta is a spiked and plated creature. It was the ancestor of the Anklosaurus. The Sauropelta has defense to protect itself from predators. Most likely the dinosaur named Deinonychus. The Sauropelta has big spikes on their necks and plates on the rest of their body.

Deinonychus is a fast and agile hunter. These predators are one of the dromeosaurids. They had grabby hands. Deinonychus had some big fearless claws. They had one big claw on each foot.

I thought this book was interesting for me. I think that because dinosaurs are my favorite animals. I don’t have a favorite dinosaur because they are all interesting to me. I learned a lot of information about dinosaurs that I didn’t even know about. Now I know a dinosaur called Sauropelta and I didn’t even know it existed before. Dinosaurs resemble many different animals that are living here today. The Stegosaurus resembles a turtle because both animals have a lot of protection. They have hard shells, which prevent predators from eating them.

I would recommend this book to a child or adult that loves dinosaurs. I would give them the book if they don’t know about dinosaurs and they want to learn about dinosaurs. If people don’t like dinosaurs ,I would really want them to read the book and see if they really like dinosaurs.