1 Seahorses

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Written by Sylvia James

Reviewed by student in Winter 2014

Seahorse is about these amazing animals called sea horses that live under the water and swim around in the deep blue sea. Sea horses come in many colors and sizes. They live in grass beds roots of mangrove trees and also coral reefs. Sea horses live independently or with their small little families. They are not like other fish that live in schools. Sea horses are eaten by all kinds of species: like crabs, rays, sharks, and some birds and some well a lot of fish eat baby sea horses.

My opinion of sea horses at first was that they are ok creatures of the sea but I don't really like water animals I like land animals. My favorite animal is a cat. Yeah I know sea horses are cool and all but I love cats and cats don't love water. But my opinion of the book that I read about sea horses changed my opinion of sea horses and then I realized that sea creatures are awesome especially sea horses (I still love cats more).

I would recommend this book to all people especially people and children that love sea horses should read this book because the book tells most of the information you need to know about sea horses.

The end - I still love cats but sea horses are cool. Find this book in your local library