1 The Year of the Book

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The Year of the Book

Written by Andrea Chang

Reviewed by Kylie C. (age 9)

The Year of the Book

Ni hao peng you! That means “hello friend” in Chinese. Come join Anna Wang and Laura in their Adventures in The Year of the Book, by Andrea Cheng, and illustrated by Abigail Halpin.

The book is about a girl who doesn’t have very many friends. Her only friends are Laura and Ray the crossing guard. She has to go to Chinese school every Saturday. Her mom is from China. They have to go to Mr. Shepards house to clean and take care of him.

I really like this book because it teaches you about friendship. I really like Ray because he’s very laid back. My favorite part is when Laura spends the night with Anna because Laura gets to go to Mr. Shepard’s with her. There are little illustrations on the side that I think are unique because they say something about the book.

I recommend this book for 8-11 year old girls because it’s long and it teaches you about friendship. Her Chinese family may interest you.