1 Jake Baked the Cake

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Jake Baked the Cake

Written by B. G. Hennessey

Illustrated by Mary Morgan

Reviewed by Jennie C. (age 6)

Jake Baked the Cake

Did you ever get to go to a real wedding? This story tells about a wedding and how everybody helped to get ready for it. The best part shows how Jake baked the yummy wedding cake.

I liked this book because the pictures make the people look so pretty. I also liked the rhyming words on each page, like "Sally Price brought the rice." My favorite part is the pictures that show how Jake made the cake. My favorite characters are the bride and groom because they look so happy. I didn't like the boys because they made too much noise. I liked reading this book with my sister because we get to be in a wedding.

If you like weddings you will like this book.!