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Glory Be

Written by Augusta Scattergood

Reviewed by Marianne M. (age 8)

Glory Be

The pool is closed for the summer, and Glory is determined to find out why and to get it reopened. Join Glory, her new friend Laura, and her older sister Jesslyn in Glory Be, by Augusta Scattergood.

Glory is a white, nearly 12 year old girl living in a small town in Mississippi in the summer of 1964. She does a lot of growing up when the pool closes. It’s time to stick up for new freedom-fighting friend Laura and to show people what is right and what is wrong!

My favorite part of Glory Be is when Glory is reading her letter to the editor of the town’s newspaper. She says that the pool closing feels like stepping in dog doo and when she is finished reading, the choir director Ms. Simpson (who had invited Glory’s family to dinner), looked like she had stepped in dog doo herself! Personally, I love this book. It is historical fiction, and I felt like I was right there next to Glory. While reading this book, sometimes I felt sad or mad, and sometimes I laughed out loud!

I love this book, and if you like historical fiction, you’ll like this book too! Just jump on over to the library and check it out now!