1 Chameleons are Cool

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Chameleons are Cool

Written by Martin Jenkins

Illustrated by Sue Shields

Reviewed by Jesus (age 10)

Chameleons are Cool

This book is about chameleons. Chameleons are cool and are very colorful. There are 4,000 kinds of chameleons. Some chameleons come from Madagascar and some live in Africa. Chameleons change color from their body temperature. When the weather changes the chameleon's color changes. Chameleons have sharp claws and grabby tails to hang on to branches. Chameleons have two eyes that can look in two different directions without turning their heads. They are reptiles and they eat bugs.

I think this book is cool because it shows a lot of information about a reptile that can change color from the weather. I wish I could do that. I think no other reptile can change color from the weather. This book has all the information of the features of the chameleon. The author did a very good job of describing the chameleons. I was very interested in chameleons and now I know a lot of information about chameleons. Chameleons are my favorite animal. I really like that they can change color.

I recommend this book to a boy or a girl that likes reptiles or that likes to learn more information about chameleons. I think lots of people should like this book because they should know about the truth of why chameleons change colors. Chameleons are one of the most coolest reptiles because some reptiles have the best features of all.