1 Arthur Writes a Story

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Arthur Writes a Story

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by student in Mrs. Irwin's 2nd Grade Class

Arthur Writes a Story

Arthur's teacher told Arthur's class that they have to write a story. Arthur wrote about his puppy Pal. D.W. told Arthur that she doesn't like that story and it's boring. Arthur then changed his story so D.W. would like it. Then Arthur read his story to his friends and when they did not like it he changed the story so they would like it too. He added jokes and he made it into a song. When he read it to his class at the end, the whole class and his teacher didn't like it. His teacher told him he should have stuck with his story about his puppy Pal.

I liked this book because he wrote a story and we are writing stories in my class and it can help me. My favorite part was when he was telling the story to his friends and they didn't like it but then they liked the story about his puppy. Arthur is my favorite character because he was in the story the most and he wrote a good story.

I recommend this book to my little brother and his friends because they like to read Arthur books and they really like them.