1 Arthur's Halloween

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Arthur's Halloween

Written by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Antrell H. (age 7)

Arthur's Halloween

This book is about how Arthur feels about Halloween. At the beginning of the book Arthur thought Halloween was scary and spooky. He had to take his little sister D.W. trick or treating. D.W. got lost and went into an old witch's house. Arthur had to follow her inside and all of his friends were worried. Inside the house Arthur learned that the witch was really just a nice, old lady. At the end of the story Arthur knew he didn't have to be afraid and he felt brave.

My favorite part of the book was when all of Arthur's friends were worried and they were picturing all of the bad things the witch could be doing to Arthur and D.W. I liked the book because it is close to Halloween now and it made me excited to go trick or treating. I like the illustrations in the book because I like how the colors and how the characters are drawn.

I think my teacher Mr. Gatz would like to read this book because he likes to read and he likes Halloween and that is what this book is about.